Most Beautiful Windows
Most Beautiful Windows

The Most Beautiful Windows in the World

So much can be said of a simply beautiful window. Be it in the detailed craft, the view, or both – a beautiful window invokes and conjures personal sentiment and in most instances calls for a moment of inner reflection- of a “beautiful kind”. There’s certainly something profoundly beautiful about a beautiful window and fortunately the world has many to showcase.

Iconic window forms

While one can only think the inspiration behind beautiful windows found in religious venues has something to do with man’s yearning for heavenly and divine connection, stained glass windows have owned religions venues of all faiths. This could be seen in Spain’s La Sagrada Familia, Brazil’s Santuario Dom Bosc and Iran’s Nasir Al Mulk Mosque. Westminster Abbey reigns in color of intricate stained glass detail. The most spectacular detail has been seen in stain glass skylight type windows and delicately placed windows that usher in light. This being said, beautiful windows are not limited to stained glass only.

Kashmir, Pakistan and Rajasthan display and array of finely interwoven wooden detailed windows, finished with paper mache and stained glass. The window styles have not been limited to just the glass but also to the actual frame detail and which throw into a splendid view that reminds us of the beauty behind the human spirit and eyes that “saw” the windows – before they were even considered and designed

Windows of the World

Malls, libraries, galleries, hotels, educational institutes, design houses, castles, forts, opera houses and even the odd pub have worked with window detail. To name a few iconic can be called out in Mexico’s Gran Hotel, Barcelona’s Palau De La Musica, Linderman Library at Lehigh University and Galleries Lafayette. The entire world can be said to have atleast one iconic window statement at either of the above venues however again, this can be also said to be seen in residential homes like that of Frank Lloyd Wright home (Kenneth Laurent).

When Traveling be sure to View

While there may be many a nouveau window or window frame detail and style found randomly while traveling, the globe does offer some “must see” windows. This bucket list is possibly a tick for a design student, an architecturally inspired seeker, a nostalgic and philosophical artist. Whatever the reason, you will surely be left with in awe when you get to experience  St. Clements Church Hastings Sussex United Kingdom; Metropolitan Cathedral of Saint Sebastian Rio de Janeiro Brazil, Siena Cathedral Siena Italy, Blue Mosque Istanbul Turkey, St Nicolaaskerk Church Amsterdam the Netherlands, Coventry Cathedral Coventry United Kingdom, Reims Cathedral Reims France, Lloyd Street Synagogue Salisbury Cathedral Salisbury United Kingdom, Aix Cathedral Aix-en-Provence France, Notre Dame Cathedral Paris France, Temple Emanu-El New York City New York, Gloucester Cathedral Gloucester United Kingdom, Grace Cathedral San Francisco, Zeitz MOCAA Gallery Cape Town South Africa. Rajasthan, Pakistan, India as a whole, together with some of Japan and Tanzania promises window detail of a multi-sensory magnitude. Perhaps an insight into the “windows” of their “world”.

Then there’s truly magnificent God’s Window in Mpumalanga and Nasa’s Window to the World.


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