Key Power Tips On How To Still Exercise With A Leg Injury

    A leg injury can really throw off your exercise regime. Thankfully, there a range of exercises that you can still perform while injured. We will discuss some of them, as well as ways to recover faster, and gradually return to more intensive training. Just remember, a professional should always be consulted before attempting to exercise with a leg injury. The last thing you want to do is make things worse and set back your recovery by weeks or even months.

    Work Out What Exercises You Can Still Do


    You may have injured your leg but doesn’t mean you need to stay sedentary, letting your hard-earned fitness drop away. Now you’re not going to be running, cycling, or playing sports straight away, but there is still a range of exercises you can do. Depending on the nature of your injury this can vary so it is up to you to discover what movements you can still do pain free.

    Focus On The Upper Body

    Obviously, by taking the focus away from the site of the injury, you can still remain active. There are many exercises you can do in the gym that will only stress the upper body. These include, pull ups, dips, rows, and the bench press. You may find you can also use a rowing machine for cardio as well. With such a broad range of gym exercises and equipment available to you, you are likely to find an effective way to exercise without making your injury worse.

    Get In The Pool

    Swimming is low impact and non-weight bearing, making it ideal if you have a leg injury. Even walking can put higher stress on your body than swimming. You may not be able to achieve every type of stroke due to your leg, but you’re likely to find a range of motions that can propel you around the pool without pain.

    Swimming is also a form of active stretching, which can help prevent areas from becoming tight and stiff. This will speed up the rehabilitation time for your leg.

    Recruit A Friend To Help You

    Stretch Recruit A Friend
    Stretch Recruit A Friend

    Tired of trying to hobble to the gym or pool. Find a friend to help you out. They can even set up equipment and make everything a lot more streamlined for you during your injury period.


    While this isn’t really exercise, by doing it regularly you will be able to recover faster. There are a variety of different exercises which should be selected based on the muscle that has been injured. Remember to stretch slowly and carefully, stopping if there is major discomfort. Your goal should be to improve flexibility and range of motion in the injured area.

    Returning To Running Or Cycling

    If you’re a keen runner or cyclist, or play a sport that involves running, then eventually you’re going to want to get back into it. Hopefully you have started off with some pool or gym work, that hasn’t stressed your leg. Now that you’re feeling a lot stronger you may want to dive back into your workout, however, it is highly recommended you take it SLOW!

    Don’t stage a return to running until you can walk a couple of miles without pain. Start out very gradually, at a very low intensity, slowly increasing it over time. If you experience any leg pain, reduce your speed, or stop the workout completely. The last thing you want is to re-injure your leg, setting yourself back even further.

    For cyclists, an ideal way to begin your comeback is to start on a stationary bike. Practice pedalling 10-20min a day at a very low intensity. As your leg improves, gradually up the pace. Once you feel your leg is back to 100% you can consider going outdoors again. Of course, if you experience pain, dial down the intensity or return straight home.

    Just Do Your Best

    Just do your best
    Just do your best

    Hopefully these tips are helpful so that you can keep exercising, but remember, the most important thing is to recover 100% from your injury. Being impatient to get back to your workouts can do a lot more damage than good, so always take it slow. If you experience any pain or discomfort just take a break and get back on the couch. You should also consult a doctor or other medical professional for tailored and expert advice relevant to your situation. For some men and women especially, if you can’t exercise with your injury you may be able to find fat burning supplements for females that really work while you can’t exercise to your full potential. So, are you still exercising with a leg injury?


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