Is It Possible to Have Skin Cancer of the Foot and Ankle?

    Sun-Exposed Sun

    Skin cancer ailment that does happen to take place over the body parts of legs or ankles and feet are said out to be one of the most overlooked cancer diseases. It normally attacks those parts of the body where a person is imaging the skin cancer to happen unlikely. It has been investigated around that almost 90% of the skin cancer attacks at the sun-exposed skin that is over the body areas of face, neck, ears, forearms, and hands. But there is an alarming risk to face the skin cancer at the body areas of legs or the ankles and over the feet parts.


    Sun is responsible to cause skin cancer because of the overexposure of the sunlight that will be damaging the top layer, or epidermis of the skin. The most dangerous skin cancer is known by the name of melanoma. Squamous Cell Carcinomas takes place in the areas of the forehead, or the lips, and hands but you can even make them search over the arms hands, legs, and feet.

    Skin Cancer over Foot and Ankle:

    As you do start figuring out the skin cancer over the foot and ankle, then without any second delay you need to get into consultation with the physician doctor. You should not be overlooking the moles of the skin lesions. You need to get it checked on a weekly basis. You should think about using the sun blocks as in order to protect the exposed skin in the winter season. Skin cancer of ankle and foot has more than on colors. These colors are all set with the uneven distribution. They have the diameter that is wide than the pencil eraser. You should also make the search for the ulceration, craters, and the donut-shaped edges, bleeding, or slow healing if the lesion is somehow ulcerated. If you find any mole on the toes or at the bottom of the foot than this is so suspicious. If you do notice a mole in any of your friend, you should give them some safe and sound guidelines right at that moment!

    Advanced Foot & Ankle Institute of Georgia has been playing a vital against the treatment and diagnose of the foot and ankle conditions. It might appear to be a minor problem but your little negligence can give it a complete freedom to turn into the worst shape. Consult your physician right now!



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