baby feeding
baby feeding

Generally, babies cry for food whenever they are hungry though they don’t eat much at a time. Besides, the craving for food varies from baby to baby. Depending on its age, appetite, digest power, weight, and a few things like these, the nutritional needs of kids change with the passage of days and months.

So, it’s pretty tough to figure out the exact amount of formula you need to feed the baby. However, here are a few tricks to help you figure out how often and how much you need to feed the baby. Let’s check them out in the following.

How Would You Know Your Baby Needs Feeding?

The general practice of the moms nowadays is- they feed the babies when the baby screams. But, the truth is- crying is the ultimate stage of hunger and babies make cry being frustrated. So, you need to aware of the feeding schedule and feed the baby routinely before it shouts.

Here are a few signs excluding cry that indicate that the baby needs feeding:

● Opens mouth
● Makes sucking sounds
● Moves head side to side
● Puckers lips
● Puts fingers or hands sometimes into the mouth
● Tries to get closer to the mommy’s breasts

How Often Do You Need to Bottle-Feed The Baby?

Usually, moms feed the baby when it seems hungry. This practice is also known as “Feeding On Demand.” However, most of the formula feeding newborns requires feeding every 2-3 hours. For the best breastfeeding experience you can consider using a nursery rocking chair while feeding your baby.

As they grow up and get bigger tummy to consume more milk, they might require feeding in every 3-4 hours. Also, do not forget to feed your baby timely. Wake it up even if it’s sleeping when feeding time.

How Many Formulae Do You Need To Feed?

As we mentioned earlier, it is a bit tricky to generalize the exact amount of formula you need to feed the baby. However, most of the nursery specialists suggest maintaining the following schedule:

First Few Days:

During the first few days of the baby’s birth, formula feeding kids usually consume 60 to 90 ml per feeding. And, they require feeding in every 3-4 hours based on the factors mentioned earlier. However, unlike formula feeding babies, breastfeeding kids consume less and require more frequent feeding.

First Few Months:

At this stage, you might even require to wake the baby up for feeding as they sleep longer than 4-5 hours at a stretch. By the end of 1st month, your breastfeeding baby is more likely to eat around 120 ml per feeding. And, you might need to feed the baby 5 to 6 times at this stage.

By the time a bottle-feeding kid reaches its 6th month, it is more likely to consume 180 to 240 ml each time, and require 4-5 feeding sessions a day.

In the end, we hope that you read between the lines and got a primary idea on How Much Formula To Feed The Baby. However, consulting your pediatrician on a regular basis regarding the feeding issue is always the best practice. We expect that the post was helpful and you enjoyed reading.


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