9 Simple Steps of French Manicure
9 Simple Steps of French Manicure

A French manicure is a timeless and classy look that fits a variety of settings and events. For example, it looks like it belongs whether a day at the office or going out to a fancy dinner with your significant other. It is easy to do a French manicure, but not as easy to do one well. This tutorial by IV Revolution guide will leave you prepared to know how to create a French manicure like you would see in a nail salon.

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Step 1. Lengthen your Nails

While you can do a French manicure on nails that are not long, the look gets enhanced when the nails are longer. This can be accomplished by letting your nails grow or applying an accessory such as gel or acrylic to make the look standout.

Step 2. Remove Old Nail Polish

Traditional French manicures are clear and white. This means that any underlying color will show through the manicure. While you should never leave old nail polish on when painting your nails, it will show right through a French manicure. If you do have fake nails or gel on, you should not leave the nail polish remover on too long.

Step 3. File your Nails

French manicures draw a lot of attention to your fingernails and the last thing you want is for them to be oddly shaped. A file or buffer is able to shape nails into the desired shape. They could be square or round depending on personal preference. The file should go across your nails, not down on them.

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Step 4. Soak your Nails.

The cuticle needs to be pushed back before you start the manicure. The easiest way to do this is to soak your nails in water or olive oil. This makes your cuticles more pliable.

Step 5. Push Cuticles Back.

Trimming cuticles has fallen out of favor, but you should still push them back with an orange stick. Gently push them back to the bottom of the nail bed.

Step 6. Apply the Base Coat.

Most of the time, the base coat will be clear, cream, or translucent pink. However, you can make it whatever color you want if you want to add some funk to the traditional French manicure. The polish should be applied from base to edge and in even strokes.

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Step 7. Apply the Tips.

In order to apply the white tips uniformly, you should either use a kit or painter’s tape in order to keep the white paint in an even line. You can use a Q-tip if you need to touch up any of the white paint after the tape is removed.

Step 8. Apply a Top Coat.

After the base coat and white polish are dried, apply a top coat that helps to seal the paint. This top coat provides an extra layer of protection so that the French manicure lasts longer.

Step 9. Allow Nails to Dry.

It is a tedious process to get a high-quality manicure. This can make some people impatient to wait for their nails to dry. However, using an automatic dryer or just sitting still for 30 minutes can make a big difference in the potential for the nails to chip.

How to do French manicure in 9 simple steps.

Following these steps will ensure that you have a great looking manicure that accentuates your appearance and makes it look like you care about your presentation. Making sure you have all of your supplies before starting will make the whole process smoother. While the traditional French manicure is light with white tips, you can really use any color and even add extras like rhinestones if desired.


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