Best Yoga Asanas for Arthritis

With its roots in Indus Valley Civilization Yoga is almost over 5000 years old. Yoga roughly translates to “join or unite”. Yoga is a form of art which aims at unification of an individual’s body and mind. So how does Yoga work? This ancient art form brings about flexibility thus conditioning one’s body through various postures or asanas.

One might wonder how effective is Yoga, given the ancient scriptures do not back them with scientific proofs. However, recently conducted clinical trials suggest and prove the fact that yoga can be used as an ancillary option to treat various diseases and conditions like depression, asthma, blood pressure, muscle aches and even arthritis.

Yoga for Arthritis

All of us know how stressful it is mentally and physically when one suffers from arthritis – more than the pain it can be quite emotionally draining as one is unable to move free and go about doing their regular day to day activities. Though there is a general opinion that arthritis might affect people who are old, contrary to popular belief arthritis might just affect anybody of any age with wear and tear of joints. For folks who wish to increase the strength and flexibility of the joints and relax and de-stress at the same time, yoga comes to rescue. Practicing yoga these days is not that difficult nor does it require you to join and attend classes which do not suit your schedule and time.

We have at our disposal some of the best Yoga apps these days which aid you in planning and following your yoga postures religiously, at your own pace. Enlisted below are some best yoga poses for arthritis sufferers.

Trikonasana – The Triangle Pose

Trikonasana requires us to master the pose in the form of a triangle. But this asana requires to be done perfectly, if not it might be fatal for lower back and legs. On the other hand, if done properly, this Trikonasana is a wonderful remedy for the ones suffering from arthritis in the knees and joints of the legs. Also, this yogasana decreases the acidity levels and improves the digestion. It is best to avoid this asana when you are not fit enough to stress your lower back, legs and hands.

Vrikshaasana– The Tree Pose

Also known as the tree pose, this is a yoga for arthritis in the knees. Vriksha asana requires you to emulate the way a tree stands. The perk of this yogasana is that this asana combines the tree pose with breathing technique also called Pranayama. The person performing this yoga asana feels revitalized instantly, as the Pranayama and the Namaskara mudra, combined with the tree pose stretches the whole body from head to toe thus strengthening the hips, legs, knees, ankles and all the ligaments therein.

Pranamasana– The Prayer Pose

Pranamasana is the very basic of all the yogasanas. It is called the prayer pose, where one brings their palm together in front of one’s heart. In India this prayer pose can be often seen to greet people with a traditional “Namaste”. This can easily be the best yoga for arthritis in hands, without much stress to one’s hands. Practicing Pranamasana on a day to day basis is sure to increase flexibility of the wrists and show significant improvement for people suffering from arthritis in hands.

Gomukhasana – The Cow Face Asana

This can be a little difficult to perform for people with severe arthritis. In addition to the deep stretch of hips, ankles, thighs, shoulders, triceps and the biceps it also involves folding of fingers and helps in relieving chronic stiffness and pain of the knee. Performing Gomukhasana without proper consultation can be quite an issue if not done properly as this is considered to be one among the most challenging asanas.

Veerabhadrasana – The Warrior Pose

This pose provides great support for arthritis patients by strengthening the arms, legs and the lower back. It is especially helpful in providing relief for frozen shoulders. However, do keep in mind to your some knee support while you do this pose.

SetuBandasana – The Bridge Pose

If you are facing pains and stiffness in the hips and spine then SetuBandasana is your savior. In addition to relaxing the whole body and alleviating pain from the back and hips, it also helps in increasing the blood circulation and maintain a normal blood pressure. Care has to be taken to keep the legs and the feet parallel when doing this asana, else it might lead to fatal contraindications.

Shavasana – The Corpse Pose

This is the easiest yoga pose that basically requires you to lie down straight on your back. It is a great means of relaxation, stress relief and repair of tissues and cells. It is useful for arthritis patients in that it helps eliminate the air element that is responsible for aggravating joint pains.

There are innumerable yoga asanas mentioned in the ancient scriptures, each of which have their own benefits and cure. A good yoga class or a reliable yoga app will be able to guide you through this wonderful journey of discovering yourself through yoga.

Though the postures and the movements might seem weird and impossible at the beginning, the moment you get accustomed to the routine and start reaping its wonderful benefits you will start loving it!


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