Reasons why Pilates are the best exercise

Pilates is closely related to having a lean and toned body. The benefits of this exercise go beyond flexibility and strength. Apart from the aesthetic benefits, it helps you go through a full body workout and eases back pain. The process improves bone density and boosts heart rate. The cross-training workout helps you more than regular weightlifting and cardio.

Why choose Pilates?

Weight loss and toned body are on everyone’s mind, but if you keep fitness as your goal, you will choose the best. Pilates gives you many health benefits and the following consideration will make you want to choose them:

1. Improves bone density

Strength training is known to be a bone-density builder but not many know that Pilates give building benefits. Bones respond to resistance when you do Pilates or weight-bearing exercises. There are also exercises that involve muscle pulling and create tension in the bones. These forms of exercise, like Pilates, make bones stronger and healthier.

2. Weight loss

If you want to lose one pound every week, you need to let go of 500 calories every day. You need to combine that with exercise and Pilates are a great way. Calorie burn through Pilates ranges from 4 to 8 every minute. For significant weight loss, you need to work out for one hour for at least four days a week, excluding warm up and relaxing sessions.

3. Heals back pain

A study conducted on people who had back pain showed that within one year of doing Pilates, their condition improved. They started a four week Pilate’s program that strengthened their back and core. It gave back a proper alignment and strengthened their spine.

4. Stronger core

Pilates strengthens your abdominal muscles effectively. The exercises contract the muscles and works on your obliques. They target the deep muscles of your abdomen like transverse abdominis along with the superficial ones like rectus abdominis.

5. Prevent injuries

Pilates tends to make your body more flexible, improve balance and increase strength. These tend to reduce the risk of injury, increase flexibility, and keep you fit. When you have more strength, you can control movement and that reduces injury. It also provides body awareness and creates movement patterns, which reduces pain in joints, muscles, ligaments or tendons.

6. Flexibility

The most exercise involves movements in one plane, like forwarding and back motions. Pilates, on the other hand, includes many motions. The sessions are involved in extending, internal and external rotating, and more. These reduce the chances of risks and improve flexibility.

7. Posture improvement

If you are on your desk all the time, you can have hunched shoulders, poor posture, and so on. With time, a bad posture can lead to muscular imbalances. Pilates reverses these effects and creates muscle symmetry. The exercise type helps you force only one muscle at a time. You start developing a strong core and help you freely shift from one task to another.

8. Strengthens cardiovascular endurance

The benefits of Pilates depend on intensity. Moves like jackknife or side life boost our heart rate, while the seated exercises make our heart rates drop. The advanced classes raise the heart rate to an average of about 120 to 130 beats every minute. Quick moves between exercise decrease rest time and add more intensity.

Thus, Pilates will help you with flexibility, fitness, and keep you from injury. The Inspire Health is an ideal place to practice Pilates every week. With regular workouts, you can take your abdominal shape to a great level. Help yourself cut down on fat while you get over the traditional crunches.


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