7 Practical Ways to Keep Your Home Mosquito-Free Without Use of Toxic Chemicals

    Ask anybody to name an insect they dislike and most would first say mosquito. These buzzing and irritating insects are mood spoilers when you are planning a picnic or barbeque or may not let you enjoy your favorite book in your study. Scientists say that these tiny buzzing and biting flies smell you from more than 50 meters distance. Surprised? They suck your blood and proteins to support their eggs. The worst happens when they pass on deadly disease such as dengue fever to your kids.

    Surely you want to get rid of them, but those mosquito repellents in the market are chemical laden and are more detrimental for you and your family. Natural and practical methods are in fact more effective to keep these sources of disease away from your home.

    Here are few tips that might be convenient:

    Burn Citronella Candles:

    Mosquito repellent
    Mosquito repellent

    Mosquitoes and many other bugs cannot withstand citrus smell and citronella is an effective mosquito repellent. Lighting citronella candles not only adds to aesthetic appeal of your home, but keeps mosquitoes at bay. Burning citronella incense sticks have the same effect while leaving behind a lingering pleasant smell.

    Rosemary and Sage:

    Mosquito repellent
    Mosquito repellent

    Apart from lending aroma to your food, these herbs are efficient mosquito repellents. Burn a few twigs of rosemary or few leaves of sage on charcoal. That’s it for a mosquito free environment and pleasant fragrance. Enjoy your Sunday barbecue outdoors by burning these herbs to keep mosquitoes away.

    Burning Camphor:

    Mosquito repellent
    Mosquito repellent

    Burn camphor in a closed room and leave it for 30 minutes to find yourself a mosquito free room. Made from plant-extracts, camphor have longest mosquito repelling efficiency.

    Essential Oils:

    Mosquito repellent
    Mosquito repellent

    Along with beauty benefits and soothing aroma, some essential oils like lavender, lemon eucalyptus are great to keep mosquitos gone. Burn few drops to keep your home safe from bugs. You can apply a few drops onto your skin if you are outdoors.


    Mosquito repellent
    Mosquito repellent

    There are certain sources of light that attract mosquitoes. Be careful not to use such lighting, especially for outdoors, porches, doorways and near windows. Switch to LEDs, sodium lamps and yellow bug lights for keeping mosquitoes afar.

    Mosquito Repellent Plants:

    Mosquito repellent
    Mosquito repellent

    Plants like Feverfew, Citronella, Catnip, Marigold and herbs like holy basil, coriander, mint, and anise are among few that are known to be mosquito repellent. Plant these around your house and keep some near doorways and windows for an insect free environment.

    Insect Proof Your Home:

    Mosquito repellent
    Mosquito repellent

    Install insect screens at your windows and doors for a mosquito and bugs free home. These allow light and air to pass through, but keep insects and dirt away for well ventilation and better living. Enjoy a clean, insect free home by installing these insect screens and get a peace of mind.

    Yes, these tips are handy and easy to practice and are competent enough to repel these buzzing bugs beyond the bounds of your abode. Say bye to those pesky, itchy bug bites with these chemical free and real-world tricks. Not always that mosquito can spoil your evening. Be safe and stay healthy.

    Megan Young
    Megan Young is from Salio Concept where she helps to defend households against diseases caused by dengue fever through the use of insect screens. She reads and writes regularly about health related matters.


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