7 Bad Habits You Should Break to Burn Fat

    Burning off everything you eat and staying lean was easy when you were a kid but as you age, this can become a bit more difficult! When it comes to burning off excess body fat, the same can be said. However, we make many choices throughout our day that affect our ability to be efficient fat burners. Try breaking these 7 habits today to improve your fat burning!

    Carbs For Breakfast

    That side of toast you like to consume with your breakfast may be hindering your ability to burn more fat. Research is starting to demonstrate that consuming carbohydrates first thing in the morning can take us out of a prime fat burning state and transition us to depending on carbohydrates for energy. Even better than skipping carbs for breakfast may be skipping breakfast altogether!

    Consuming High Fat/High Carb

    You may think that total macronutrients is all that matters when it comes to fat burning but this is not true. Research tells us that when we consuming carbohydrates we temporarily inhibit our ability to burn fat. That means when you eat that high carb, high-fat meal (Ex. Bacon Cheeseburger) you may be burning the carbohydrates and storing the fat.

    Pre-workout Carbs

    Carbohydrates before a workout may improve your performance but remember, carbohydrates can hinder fat metabolism so consuming them prior to a workout may prevent you from reaching that prime fat burning state. If your primary goal is to burn fat, you may be better suited to consume protein before your training session.

    Skipping Out on Sleep

    Sleep is crucial for optimizing body composition. Altering our circadian rhythms or our wake/sleep cycles can make our bodies more likely to store body fat.

    Sleeping out less
    Sleeping out less

    Training at a Low Intensity

    Ramp up your training intensity by trying some HIIT training. Research has found that those doing HIIT training can make metabolic adaptations that allow them to burn more fat.

    Calorie Restricting Too Much

    If I want to burn fat, I have to cut my calories right? Maybe, but drastically restricting your calories may make your body resistant to burning fat since it is not adequately nourished.

    Restricting calories
    Restricting calories

    Sitting All Day

    Living a sedentary lifestyle is not optimal for fat burning. If you have a desk job that has you seated all day, then do your best to take the occasional break to get up and take a walk. This may not seem like much but it can have a positive effect on your body’s ability to burn fat.

    We love to point fingers at those with good physiques and blame genetics and while this may be true for some people, it is likely that for most people it comes down to daily habits. Choosing just a couple of these tips could prove to be very beneficial for burning more fat and incorporating all seven may make you a much better fat burner than you could have ever imagined!

    Brian Bishop
    Brian Bishop is a true health and nutrition enthusiast. He loves to read, watch and listen to anything about health. He is the best nootropics guide as he is always experimenting on himself for best results. Brian wants to share his knowledge so others can enjoy the benefits.



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