15 Digital Tools and Strategies That Support Students’ Reading and Writing

In the digital era, it is difficult to stay apart from using technologies in studying. However, a lot of students and teachers believe that implementation of digital technologies in education is useless. Teachers continue to use strategies that were effective a couple of dozens of years ago, and students keep studying using methods that no longer bring the desired effect. The matter is that our vision of the world and the way we perceive information differs from the previous generation. We implement digital strategies in all spheres of our lives, and it is quite obvious that they should also find a representation in education.

Library -1
Library -1

Implementation of digital strategies for writing and reading is perhaps the most controversial thing in the process of studying. From one point, it seems that digital strategies cannot be applied to writing and reading, but when you start to dig deeper, you notice that modern software and applications have all the possibilities to enhance these skills.

Why digital tools are so effective?

Previously, we shared information using books and demonstrating our experience face to face. Today, we have more opportunities to be seen in the world. We can conduct and publish our researches online, use YouTube to demonstrate our practical expertise, and communicate with people from different parts of the world using instant messengers.

Today, when writing a research paper, you can easily do research by yourself using available digital resources or find a special online platform that provides research paper help to you. Everything depends on your preferences, desire to study, and free time.

Digital strategies help to clarify tricky points, find detailed explanations for different approaches, reveal hidden problems, and give the solutions needed to fix any kind of issue. For example, if you do not know what word to choose to produce a proper effect on a reader, you may just use Visuwords online graphical dictionary, one of the best thesauruses for students and school kids.

Library - 2
Library – 2

What kinds of digital tools for reading and writing exist?

Of course, different studying goals require use of different tools. Fortunately, huge number of software developers made an effort to create platforms for education. Today, we may count thousands of digital apps that can be useful for a student. Here, we collected 15 of the most effective digital tools and strategies for students who have an interest in reading and writing.

1. Visuwords – online thesaurus with graphical elements, provides a free database.

2. Wikipedia – a huge stock of free articles in different spheres and areas, the best assistant in performing a preliminary research.

3. Wordle – perfect web tool for investigation of new words and their meanings. Quick and easy access.

4. AnswerGarden – a platform for online discussions. Necessary for group studying.

5. Text 2 Mindmap – simple and easy tool for creating mind maps and organizing the ideas properly.

6. Diffen – an effective digital tool for comparison analysis.

7. Thesaurus – another dictionary that helps to enhance writing skill.

8. Wordsift – a tool for creation of semantic maps for words.

9. InstaGrok – helps create interactive maps.

10. Interactive Webbing Tool – allows to draw graphic organizers with simple drag and drop mechanism.

11. Fishbone Diagram – compelling of search ideas into diagrams and graphics.

12. Google Image Search – simple tool for finding visual materials.

13. Dictionary – the must use tool for students who study foreign languages.

14. Google Drive (Docs) – one of the most popular clouds for keeping and sharing information.

15. K-W-L Creator – easy tool for organization of the information, helps to work with big arrays of information.

The variety of digital tools and apps is impressive. You can always find something that will be useful for you during your studying. Of course, you can always implement several tools at a time to achieve the desired result. We strongly recommend you to share your favorite tools with other students and encourage your teachers to use digital tools in the process of education as they can really take it to a new level!


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